Your Exotic Pet Training Expert - Let’s Get Started!


What would life be like for you if your exotic pet was friendly and engaging? If you weren’t worrying about getting bit and your pet was quiet?! We can help you train your pet with practical solutions for:

  • entering and exiting your pet’s enclosure without them trying to run out the door

  • stopping biting and excessive vocalizations

  • easily moving your pet from cage to travel carrier and back again

  • performing fun tricks to increase visitor engagement

  • husbandry behaviors such as nail trims, ear cleaning, mouth exams, blood draws, injections, etc.

Each program is completely customized for yours and your pet’s individual needs and are structured so that you can either participate in your pet’s training, or have us train your pet while you’re away.



We work with animals such as lemurs, kinkajous, capybaras, foxes, wolves & wolf hybrids, porcupines, skunks, and more. Each program is available as an owner-present program where you are involved in every step of their training, or a latch-key program where we come in and train your animals while you’re away.