Family Dogs


Does your dog bark like crazy when they hear the doorbell, jump all over guests, beg at the table while you’re eating or otherwise disturb your peace? Quickly and easily get your dog under control and restore your peace with our Family Dog programs!

Home Alone Program

Are you a busy pet parent, working all day or constantly running errands and just don’t have time to train your dog? No problem! We do the training for you while you’re out and about.

How it works: We come to your home 2x a week for a personalized training session with your dog. Once a week we have a transfer session with you and show you how to maintain your dog’s new skills.

Pooch & Parent Program

Want to be a part of every step in your dog’s training? Our Pooch & Parent training offers private, one-on-one coaching in your home where your life happens!

How it works: We come to you 2x a week and work one-on-one with you and your dog. Personalized coaching means you get to choose the skills that are most important to you.