Grooming Services


Mini Groom

Your pooch's Mini Groom starts with a sanitary trim, paw pads neatened for better traction on the floor, nails trimmed and filed and ears cleaned.

Next your pup will enjoy a blueberry vanilla face wash that will leave them oh so kissable! A hydro massage for the body with all natural shampoos that combat skin problems prevalent here in Florida, will finish up your pet's bath.

Lastly your canine companion will be blow dried and fluffed by hand- no cages! 

$60 maltese, yorkie
$65 shih-tzu, toy poodle, havanese, pomeranian

Full Groom

Our Full Groom service includes everything from the Mini Groom service, plus your pets hair cut & styled to match your preferences and lifestyle.

We'll work with you to determine the best cut for your pet that will be easy for you to maintain, as well as look just the way you like it. Stay with one style for a consistent, year round look, or change it up to suit the season! 

$70 maltese, yorkie
$75 shih-tzu, toy poodle, havanese, pomeranian

Puppy Grooming Package

For the newly adopted puppy, our puppy grooming package consists of 4 visits to prepare your puppy for the grooming salon.

During the first & second visit, we'll help you set up your own grooming area at home and show you how to properly hold and brush your puppy.

The 3rd visit will be a field trip inside the grooming van where your puppy will be introduced to the sights and sounds of the grooming salon while have their nails trimmed and face neatened.

The last visit will be your puppy's first full groom inside the grooming salon. 

$240 / 4 visits