Your Full Groom Services Includes:

  • A hydro massage bath with all natural, biodegradable shampoo.
  • Ears cleaned and any excess hair removed from the ear canal, as needed.
  • A fluff dry and brush out, done by hand. No cage dryers!
  • A pawdicure, all nails clipped and filed.
  • A haircut to match your pet's personality and lifestyle.

Why choose us?

  • Always on time- you're never going to be sitting around wondering if I'll show up.
  • Consistent work- your dog will always look the same, unless you request a change.
  • No extra costs or up-sells- everything is included in the groom price, so you're not paying an extra travel fee or being sold add ons that you don't want or need.
  • I'm the ONLY groomer in south east FL that is Low Stress Handling certified and Force Free certified.

0 - 6lbs (maltese, yorkie, toy poodle) $70 * 6 - 12lbs (shih-tzu, havanese, mini schnauzer) $75 * bichon, mini poodle $80 to $90


Beast to Beauty Inc. provides exclusive grooming services in a completely self contained grooming van, right at your door! My van is custom made and equipped with cool air, warm water, and a spa-like atmosphere for the comfort of your pet. I pride myself in keeping up to date with the latest environmental-friendly, professional grooming products, as well as continually educating myself on the latest in stress free canine care. With over 20 years of grooming experience and 15 years in business, I am currently the only groomer in south east FL that is Low Stress Handling certified and Fear Free certified! 

Specializing in small dogs, up to 20lbs, my work is consistent and professional. Your dog will always look his/her very best, and you'll never be left wondering if I'm actually going to show up!