Leash Lunacy


Walking with a dog that lunges and barks at every other dog or person going by can be extremely frustrating- and so embarrassing! At best, these behaviors are annoying. At worst, they can be dangerous and you may find yourself avoiding walks with your dog altogether.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Take the crazy out of your walks and enjoy time with your dog again with our loose leash walking programs.


Home Alone

Are walks just too much of a struggle right now? No worries, we do the hard work for you! For fast results, we work one-on-one with your dog 3x a week at your home, then transfer your dog’s new leash walking skills to you.

Pooch & Parent

Want to be a part of your dog’s training, every step of the way? Our Pooch and Parent program offers personalized coaching with you and your dog so that you can learn and master your leash walking skills together!