For those pups that need a nail trim more often than a grooming, or for those pups that don’t get groomed at all, our Paws & Nails service keeps you pet’s feet comfortable and healthy. It’s important to keep nails trimmed and filed to prevent cracking and exposing the quick or growing too long and causing structural damage to the foot. If your pet is in need of a pawdicure, choose from one of the options below and schedule your appointment with us today!


Pawdicure Basic $25

Your pet’s nails will be trimmed to a comfortable length and filed to remove any rough edges.


Pawdicure Posh $35

Your pet’s nails will be trimmed, filed and paw pad fur scooped out for better traction on the floor. We then add a paw pad conditioning treatment and scissor the foot hair for a tidy look.


Kitty Klaws $35

No more struggles with getting your cat in to a carrier and stressing them out at the vet! Nail clipping at home keeps your cat comfortable and stress free, while saving your furniture and your sanity!