With over 23 years experience working in homes, grooming salons and mobile grooming vans, I know that nothing compares to the personalized service of house -call grooming. Treat your beloved pet to the spa experience in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own home. No more stressful days in a cage at the grooming shop or wondering how your pet is being treated in the van. House-call grooming gives you peace of mind and a clean, happy dog!



Bubble Bath

Your pooch's Bubble Bath starts with a sanitary trim, paw pads neatened for better traction on the floor, nails trimmed & filed and ears cleaned.

Next your pup will enjoy a blueberry-vanilla face wash that will leave them oh-so-kissable! A massage in the bath with all natural shampoos will help combat the skin problems and allergies so prevalent here in Florida, and a conditioning rinse will leave your pet soft and huggable.

Lastly your canine companion will be dried & fluffed by hand and given a special treat to complete their spa experience.

$55 (12lb weight limit)


Couture Cut

Our Couture Cut service includes everything above in the Bubble Bath service, plus your pets hair cut & styled to match your preferences and lifestyle.

We'll work with you to determine the best cut for your pet that will be easy for you to maintain, as well as look just the way you like it. Stay with one style for a consistent, year round look, or change it up to suit the season! 

$70 (12lb weight limit)


  • Where will you groom my dog?
    I can set up my table wherever is most convenient for you, as long as there’s an outlet nearby and plenty of light. I’ll be bathing your dog in the kitchen or laundry room sink.

  • Will there be a mess?
    I’m probably one of the cleanest groomers on the planet! After bathing your dog, I wipe down the sink and surrounding area so it looks like I didn’t even use it. As I’m cutting your dog’s hair, I keep a bag attached to my table so that most of the hair falls right in to the bag. Once your dog is finished, I vacuum the area and leave it just as spotless as I found it.

  • How long will it take?
    Most dog’s take about an hour and 15 minutes from start to finish.

  • Can I watch?
    One of the reasons I moved from a grooming van to grooming in the home was so that my clients would know exactly what was happening with their dog’s at all times. You can stay and watch and even chat with me. I only ask that you don’t talk to your dog while I’m working on them, especially not to give them any commands.