Need Your Puppy to Behave? Start Here!

Our training methods are simple, fun & effective and our training programs are custom created to meet all of your training goals.


Home Alone

Are you a busy pet parent, working all day and just don’t have time to train your puppy? No problem! We do the training for you while you’re out and about.

Register here for a meet and greet where your puppy will get to know their trainer and you can discuss your training goals.


Puppy & Parent

Do you want to be a part of every step in your puppy’s training? Our Puppy & Parent programs offer private, one-on-one coaching for you and your puppy, in your home, where your life happens!

Register here for your first 60 minute session and we’ll turn your crazy puppy in to a well behaved puppy.


As your puppy makes off with another Forbidden Item, runs away again when you pull out the leash, chews through the last leg on the sofa, and barks non-stop when someone comes to the door, you’re probably saying to yourself, “What was I thinking??” 

We can help! We’re going to teach your puppy to listen to you! Your puppy will learn to come the first time you call, drop stuff you don’t want them to have, relax quietly nearby while you’re busy, and greet people without channeling their inner Tasmanian Devil. 

So, while your puppy is scaling the x-pen, about to make their Great Escape, choose which program is right for you and take back your sanity!